Wednesday, 15 August 2007

I'm Back

Sorry guys, it has been a long time since i have posted. I do have some very good excuses for this, the first is that i was very sick for about a week. I was just recovering when i had a huge workshop for my friend Colleen which was full on but heaps of fun, thanks for the fantastic turnout. Then it was off to Sydney for 6 days to celebrate my birthday with my family and share my new stamps and equipment. I spent one afternoon/evening making some cards with Annette, Megan and Monique which was great (hi girls) and the next night i had yet another workshop, this time for my Mum and her friends. A big hello and thanks to all the ladies who came along, I had a great time and i will be sure to bring my equipment with me next time i am visiting. The time went too quickly and it was time to come home. I had a couple of days rest before i had to prepare for another workshop. It too went very well, what a fantastic job i have! Thanks to everyone who attended Shelleigh's workshop!
If all that wasn't enough excuse, my husband's computer was upgraded as well so i had to wait for him to load the photo software on again to post pictures of my cards on the blog.
All in all it has been a very busy and fun time and i will hopefully get my act together very soon and upload more card and scrapbooking photos.
Bye for now,